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[ STATEMENT as GM on behalf of Ben Becker Belgium ]

Dear Network, Customer, Colleges, Partners, Suppliers, Carriers,

We as a company (and personally) follow very closely the events that have taken place from the 24th of February and onwards. It is clear that we have all been wakened after being too confident that war would never occur again on European soil and faced with this devastating reality we now live in.

The direct impact for the people of Ukraine is immense and unimaginable; we see a whole population suffering daily, being brutally removed against their will from their homeland whilst they search for peace and shelter in neighbouring countries and slowly the rest of Western Europe. Women and children are being chased from their homes and forced to exile whilst they leave their husbands and (older) sons behind to fight the occupants. This is merely an understatement of what is really going on, as we cannot grasp the full understanding of a war zone.

The indirect impact for the world; aside of just coming out of a 2 year pandemic; we see general consumption indexes rise to new record heights, where fuel and gas become luxury products instead of affordable means to reignite the economy.

This is just the beginning as there is no sight yet on the forthcoming end of this unjustified war and the long aftermath, that will have, without a doubt, deep impact on our vision on the world and our economy.

During this very difficult period we will try to support our global network as much as we can, negotiate the best conditions with our partners to allow us to leave nobody behind with a common goal to sustain the current relations and allow to create new foundations to further build upon once we are in the aftermath.

We are currently actively pursuing contact with the Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen, the city of Boom (BE), the department LOI (Lokaal Opvang Initiatief) and Groep Bolckmans , to see what we can further do together, as a company & with our facility to help the citizens of Ukraine, and the neighbouring countries dealing with this dramatic situation.

Ben Becker Internationaal transportbedrijf b.v. stands with Ukraine, and we wish the people of Ukraine all the strength they need to overcome the deep wounds this unwanted war will leave.

#standwithukraine #standtogether #ukraine #democracy #oneeurope #europe #boom #logistics #warehousing #distribution

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